Consortium of Hospital-Affiliated Colleges and Universities (CHACU) – Membership

Membership to the Consortium of Hospital-Affiliated Colleges and Universities (CHACU) is open to hospital/healthcare system related institutions that undertake health science education at the certificate, associate, baccalaureate, masters and advanced levels.

Reasons why you might want to join:

  • Membership is willing to share ideas that have already been developed, saving you time.
  • Membership is aware of market change across the country and can help in strategizing a response.
  • United, we are able to make a significant difference in national policy on Medicare funding.
  • Institutional data comparisons by program, financial, personnel, student and staff will assist you in evaluations and planning.
  • You will find great support at all levels. The fellowship of professional encouragement and council relative to your role in leading your institution through the many changes we face.

How do I join?

Simply indicate to anyone of the current members your desire to join and they will forward your name and the name of your institution to the Executive Committee for review.


An initial membership fee of $1,000.00 is due on receipt of invoice. Annual dues are adjusted annually by the consortium members as part of the budget development process. Currently, annual dues are $750.00 beginning after the first year of membership.

The Membership Intent Data Sheet may be downloaded as a PDF Document:

PDFMembership Intent Data Sheet