About the Consortium of Hospital-Affiliated Colleges and Universities (CHACU)

The Consortium of Hospital-Affiliated Colleges and Universities (CHACU) was founded in 1998 as the American Health Science Education Consortium with the purpose to advance and support quality hospital and healthcare system related health sciences education in the United States. Accomplishments of the Consortium to date include:

  • Three major definitive studies conducted by the Lewin Group on Medicare pass-through funding for hospital related education and a descriptive study highlighting the benefits of hospital related health science education.
  • Bi-annual gathering of presidents  for institutional strategic comparisons, problem solving and networking.
  • Collaboration among institutional leaders representing academic affairs, student services, finance and administration, and other departments.
  • Site reviews at member institutions.
  • A recognized national presence with policy makers.
  • Successful advocacy for Medicare pass-through funding.
  • Institutional benchmarking for student/faculty ratio, cost per student institutional expenditures, profiles, etc.